We have been sailing together for 20 years. 

Rolland: I have spent my entire life in boats.  I have been canoeing since I was a child and later raced canoes professionally with my Father.  I started sailing in High School and haven't stopped. 

Deb: I started sailing when my Dad bought a sailboat in 1988 for the family.  Rolland and I had just started dating then. 

Jannelle:  11 years old.  Was on a sailboat when she was two weeks old.  Jannelle has been at the helm since she was five years old.  She did a 12 mile turn at the helm in Florida when she was six that was as straight as an arrow on the GPS.  She regularly does sail changes and can handle most of the work on the boat.

Bianca: 9 years old.  Has sailed all her life.  Hates it when the boat heels under sail, but is amazingly brave when she needs to be.  She is our most accurate helmsman, and the most attune to what is going on.  She is in charge of making sure no ropes are overboard that can get caught in the prop.  She has never missed one yet. 

As a family we have logged over 21,000 miles together in three different sailboats.  We have a map of Lake Michigan that looks like a spider web with all the routes we have drawn on it.  We never kept our boat at a marina, we rented a private dock and when we were on the boat, we were sailing.  We haven't sailed the same year 20 times over, we have 20 years of experience and we are still learning.  Every time we sail.